Welcome to Lilliput.

Lilliput is the area between Sandbanks and Poole as you leave Sandbanks the road climbs up, this is known as Evening Hill a lovely spot for photographs, see picture below

Lilliput borders on Sandbanks, Canford Cliffs, Lower Parkstone, and Whitecliff and has a shoreline within Poole Harbour with views of Brownsea Island and the Purbeck Hills. Brownsea Island stands opposite Lilliput’s harbour foreshore and is famous as the birthplace of Baden Powell’s International Scouting Movement. Lilliput itself was host to a number of early scouting camps. During the Second World War at one stage it provided Britain’s only civilian air route: Poole Harbour was temporary home to the Imperial Airways/BOAC flying boat fleet, which had its passenger HQ at Salterns.

Some well known residents have included modernist writer Mary Butts, a very young John le Carre and disc-jockey Tony Blackburn. Impresario Fred Karno who popularised the custard-pie-in-the-face comedy routine spent his last years in the village as a part-owner of an off-licence, bought with financial help from Charlie Chaplin, and died here in 1941 aged 75.

Lilliput has a small selections of shops and restaurants, with Estate agents displaying some very impressive properties. TAKE A LOOK