Sandbanks Tourism

Were to Eat & Drink

Sandbanks Aerial View

Due to Covid 19 restrictions this category has been closed. It is now under reconstruction, please contact us for advertising opportunities. At the moment it looks like on May 17th current restrictions are being lifted so don’t miss out on a promotion. Contact our marketing for launch details. Most of the hotels will be opening their restaurants for fine dining ...

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Sandbanks attracts visitors

BOAT owners using the Sandbanks Ferry slipways without permission have been warned their trailers and cars could be dragged into the water. Coastguards spoke out after people were seen using the slipway yesterday. A spokesman for Poole Coastguard Rescue said: “The slipway at Sandbanks isn’t a public slipway for launching your boats, even if the Bournemouth Swanage Motor Road and Ferry Company ...

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Sandbanks Ferry

Sandbanks chain ferry

LATEST: 2021/01/06 Sandbanks Ferry Lockdown Service Update2021/01/03 – Travelling between Tier changes2020/12/31 Sandbanks Ferry running during tier changes —————– PRESS RELEASE –  Sandbanks Ferry Extends Discounts for Bulk Purchases of Car PassesFollowing the launch of the Sandbanks Ferry Ticket Card (SFTC) in 2020 the Sandbanks Ferry Company ispleased to announce that customers can now purchase 100 passes at the ...

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Were to stay and what to do.

Sandbanks Hotels

Welcome to our new online Sandbanks Magazine, if you feel that you would like to feature please contact our marketing department. Contact Us. Click here: Subject to Covid 19 regulations.Accommodation in Sandbanks is limited to a few hotels but they do offer excellent facilities some with a beach front location.  Other locations close by are Bournemouth, Canford Cliffs, Poole and ...

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Sandbanks Golf : clubs and courses

Sandbanks Golf

Welcome to the Sandbanks Magazine website offering excellent promotional opportunities.For further our marketing. There are around 14 Golf courses and clubs within a 10 mile radius of Sandbanks, 8 within 5 miles radius and 1 only 2 miles away. In the near future we will be featuring a selection of these splendid Golf Courses. Not forgetting the Crazy Golf ...

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Tourist attractions: Covid 19.

Sandbanks Beach

Welcome to our  Sandbanks Magazine website, if you are interested in promoting your business when the lockdown is over it will be a pleasure to help, contact our marketing department. Being one of the top spots in the world to live attracts not only the rich and famous!! Traffic to our website, which is currently only in its development stages ...

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